McTaggart says Cabinet reshuffle “hardly comes as a surprise” Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

In response to today’s Cabinet reshuffle involving the resignation of MP Christopher Saunders as Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance, Roy McTaggart, Leader of the Opposition, issued a statement this afternoon stating that this “hardly comes as a surprise.”

Elaborating on why this is not a surprise, McTaggart pointed to “cracks within the PACT Government” that “have been apparent from the earliest days of their term.”

McTaggart added: “Nothing has happened over the last two years to overcome these internal differences. The task of effective government is not made easier with three or four different factions in the same Cabinet.”

Notwithstanding McTaggart’s position regarding what is described as unresolved internal differences, McTaggart said that the “reshuffling of Ministerial roles may help with this.”

McTaggart also called for the Government to now “regroup so that it can now focus on delivering solutions to the challenges the country is facing rather than its own internal divisions.”

McTaggart appears to be calling for this because he understands that “the Cayman Islands is known as a place with a stable Government, and this stability is essential to our reputation and our economy.”

This statement is significant because any ongoing internal divisions could impact stakeholders’ perception of the stability of the Government and the Cayman Islands in general.

Notwithstanding McTaggart’s views, he said that he hopes that the leader “will be able to hold his Government together despite this.”