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The recent news about the Speaker of Parliament stepping down from his post has renewed interest in the constitution of the Cayman Islands. In particular, members of the public are interested in knowing what rules govern the appointment and removal of the Speaker. Some people have also suggested that, notwithstanding that these rules are in place, the people should insist on further constitutional amendments to spell out additional circumstances resulting in the vacation of the office of the Speaker.


Before getting to the proposed amendments, it is important to look at how things currently stand.

Presently, the Speaker is appointed after a general election by of a majority vote of elected members of the Parliament. This person can come from inside or outside Parliament.


For the removal of the Speaker, the following options exist:

The Speaker may submit a resignation letter to ParliamentThe Speaker may become a minister, in which case, the Speaker shall no longer act as SpeakerElected members of Parliament may call a special meeting to pass a vote of no confidence in the Speaker (this requires the votes of two-thirds of the elected members of Parliament)

Alternatively, the Speaker will be removed if the Parliament is dissolved.

Proposed amendments

In addition to these removal rules, some members of the public have suggested that the regulations be enhanced to allow voters to trigger a recall vote and to require the immediate vacation of office for any member of Parliament, including the Speaker, in the event of a conviction for a serious crime.

These changes, however, would require voters to initiate a people’s referendum to amend the constitution or an order in council would need to be passed in the UK.

Wait and see

Until any of these steps are taken, members of members of the public will remain in a “wait-and-see” mode (well, at least for the rest of this weekend).

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