The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

On the weekly radio programme “Just the Facts”,last Monday, 14th March, a clarion call went out to Government — by the Opposition alerting the administration that now is the time to make an effort to curtail rising commodity prices so that the people can sustain themselves.

Opposition Leader, Mrs. Cora Richardson-Hodge said: “Many countries across the world are looking at ways in which to ease the burden of rising prices. In the US, the administration is taking certain measures to decrease taxes that currently exist on fuel and other petroleum products. In the UK, discussions are being held on how to conduct a similar exercise in the face of rising oil prices. Even in the region, other Caribbean islands are trying to hold the reins in terms of rising energy costs. So we ask then, what are we doing in Anguilla?
“Is there a concern by this Government to ensure that they do all that they can to make sure that persons are able to continue maintaining themselves and their families — and to keep their lights on, in the face of the rising fuel prices.”

“Money is not stretching the way it used to,” the Opposition Leader said. “It was difficult to make ends meet before, but it is becoming even more difficult now. So I think that there has to be some consideration on the part of Government.”

She mentioned that when she spoke last week on the programme, she suggested that the bulk fuel levy be reduced now, even after it had been increased to $750,000 from $100,000 within a year after this current Government took office. “So I am asking: what is this Government considering in terms of easing the burden on the people in the face of the additional fuel surcharge increase. There is an increase in the cost of food and fuel, and we have not heard of any kind of consideration coming from this administration.”
Both Mrs. Richardson-Hodge and co-host Mr. Cardigan Connor were adamant that some action now needs to be taken by government for the wellbeing of Anguilla’s people, especially with GST on the horizon, Russia’s war in Ukraine, and the imminent cost of living that will eventually come as a result.