“We Must Ensure that the Legacy of The Anguillian Remains”

The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

The Anguillian newspaper came in for much praise on the radio programme “Just the Facts” on Monday, February 14. Host Cora Richardson-Hodge was at the time sending out best wishes to the paper’s Editor in Chief, and Proprietor, Mr. Nat Hodge.

Mr. Hodge recently returned from a visit overseas for medical consultation, and Mrs. Richardson-Hodge commended him for the indispensible work he had been doing in providing the weekly periodical to the reading public over the many years. The Anguillian newspaper often serves as a valued source of reference for many of the issues which are discussed on “Just the Facts”
Mrs. Richardson-Hodge commented: “In referring to these articles in The Anguillian, I want to say welcome back to Mr. Nat Hodge who went off island for medical reasons lately. I saw him today, and we spoke for a while. When I asked him how old he was, I was shocked by his reply. I told him he is doing very well. I am very happy to have him back.”

“I am happy to have him back too,” said co-host Jose Vanterpool. “I want to wish him good health, but I also want to say, ‘Thank you, Nat,’ for all you have done. He is at a very respectable age now, and he has been working up until this point very hard to make sure that The Anguillian, our only local newspaper, continues to not only survive, but thrive. As you know, The Anguillian is an integral part of our radio show, and I would like to encourage Anguillians to support The Anguillian, our local newspaper, so that the work that Nat would have done would not be in vain. We need to carry on this legacy.”

In her response, Mrs. Richardson-Hodge remarked: “We need to get more young people involved in journalism too. It is a respectable profession and, as long as you like to talk and meet people to get news, then journalism is for you. We have to do what we can to ensure that the legacy of The Anguillian remains.”