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Water Authority Cayman said on its social media page today that customers should prepare to see an increase in the Energy Adjustment Factor (EAF) on their water bills this summer, when water consumption is expected to increase.

Water Authority explained that the increase in the EAF does not mean a change in base rates but rather the EAF is calculated based on the fluctuations in the cost of electricity used to produce and distribute desalinated water and collect and treat wastewater for customers.

In order to help customers prepare for the rising costs, the Water Authority included a number of tips on its social media page, encouraging customers to take steps to control their consumption to mitigate the rising costs.

While the tips are useful, the reality is that some consumers in Cayman are living on a financial edge and will therefore have challenges even with marginal increases in the cost of living. Such economic difficulties also tend to spill out into society as social matters, with the general public having to foot the bill in the end for agencies like the Needs Assessment Unit, where people go when they are seeking financial assistance after exhausting help offered by local charities.

Realistically though, the Needs Assessment Unit and charities only have so much money to spread around. At the end of the day, real solutions are needed, perhaps in the form of some action by OfReg or incentive by the government to keep rates at manageable levels.

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