US travellers say that Destination Jamaica is number one in Caribbean | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

According to reports, US travellers have now named Destination Jamaica as number one for bookings in the Caribbean.

The announcement was reportedly made during a high-level meeting between Tourism Minister, Hon Edmund Bartlett, Senior Executives of Flight Centre Travel Group Limited (FLT), one of the world’s largest travel groups at their US headquarters in New Jersey and Jamaica Tourist Board team members.

This is important news for Jamaica as the total visitor arrivals for the year 2020 i.e., during the COVID-19 pandemic, was 68.6 per cent below the numbers recorded in 2019.

According to the Research & Market Intelligence Unit of the Jamaica Tourist Board, Jamaica is rebounding as the number one choice for US travellers because Destination Jamaica continues to offer a diverse product of very high quality to its visitors, through its expansive and inclusive nature. Jamaica also has a wide range of hotels, attractions and activities that has “allowed Jamaica to deliver on visitor expectations, unequaled visitor experiences and provide value for money.”

Tourism Minister, Hon Edmund Bartlett reportedly said that Destination Jamaica being ranked number one “is great news” and further indicated that “based on these booking numbers Jamaica may experience the best summer ever since the pandemic.”

While Cayman, Jamaica’s neighbour which relies heavily on US tourists, is hoping to get a share of US travellers as well, Cayman will have to do more than marketing to get to the number one spot like Jamaica. For example, Jamaicans are featured on the frontline in the hospitality industry in Jamaica, Jamaican food is on display, Jamaica has reggae music to share with tourists and there are a number of attractions that Jamaica has that Cayman does not. In addition, US and other tourists visiting Cayman are often greeted by foreign workers (rather than Caymanians) who have chosen Cayman for better work opportunities. The outcome of these differences for US travellers is that Destination Jamaica might be seen as providing more of a “unique” experience, which will probably lead to Destination Jamaica being ranked number one many more times in the future.

Jamaica Tourist Board and Ministry of Tourism team members who were apart of the discussions include Donnie Dawson, Deputy Director of Tourism, Americas, Francine Carter- Henry, Manager, Tour Operators and Airlines, Delano Seiveright, Senior Strategist and Advisor, and Fiona Fennell, Public Relations and Communications Manager.

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