US man allegedly kills girlfriend in Colombia, dumps body in dumpster Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

According to Fiscal?a Colombia, US citizen John Nelson Poulos was “captured for his alleged participation in the murder of young Valentina Trespalacios, which occurred last weekend in Bogota.”

Since news of the murder (described by authorities as “femicide” and not “homicide” because it is believed that the murder was committed because Trespalacios is a woman), video footage of Trespalacios, who was a well-known DJ, and Poulos has surfaced.

One of the videos shows Trespalacios and Poulos interacting outside an apartment that the couple reportedly rented.

After the interaction, Trespalacios appeared to return inside the apartment.

Poulos could then be seen pacing near the apartment door and, at one stage, rubbing his forehead with his hand.

The next day, Poulos was seen on camera loading suitcases in the elevator, which he then took to a car in what appeared to be an underground parking area.

The video shows Poulos apparently having a difficult time lifting a suitcase and then placing it in the trunk of the car.

What happened next is that the body of Trespalacios was found in a suitcase in a dumpster, which was then reported to the police.

Regarding the cause of death, various reports say that Trespalacios was strangled.

Being a person of interest, Colombian authorities reportedly alerted INTERPOL, resulting in Poulos’s arrest at an airport in Panama and subsequent extradition to Colombia.

According to reports, however, Poulos apparently purchased two different airline tickets, allegedly confusing police as to his destination.

Unfortunately, Poulos’ alleged plan did not work as he was detained by Panamanian authorities right before he was to board a flight to Turkey, which reportedly does not have an extradition agreement with Colombia.

Poulos’ fate now rests with Colombian authorities, who confirmed that “More than 300 hours of video collected in different scenarios allowed the capture of this subject.”