UCCI says it did not try to bypass local laws with foreign advert | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

A representative from the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI) has clarified that, although a job description for a marketing position appeared on the JobKart Global Remote website promoting “jobs in Cayman Islands for foreigners,” UCCI has never heard of the JobKart website and did not post any UCCI job openings on that site.

Instead, UCCI said that the UCCI Marketing and Communications Manager job opportunity was posted on the Cayman Islands’ Government jobs website, the Cayman Compass newspaper and on LinkedIn, which are all customary methods of advertising available jobs in Cayman. This initial advertising was done by UCCI in October 2021, according to the UCCI representative.

UCCI confirmed that, subsequent to the foregoing advertisements, an extensive interview process was conducted in 2021, with the job being offered to a Caymanian at the end of the process. UCCI said that, unfortunately, the Caymanian did not elect to take up the post and soon after, UCCI was informed that a human resources (HR) audit had been scheduled. A decision was then made to place the position on hold until the end of the HR audit, as UCCI had not managed to recruit any other suitable person to the role during the first round of interviews.

The job advertisement has not been re-posted since 2021 and the position remains vacant pending the outcome of UCCI’s current HR audit.

Regarding the post of the job opening on JobKart Global Remote website promoting “jobs in Cayman Islands for foreigners,” UCCI said that JobKart “appears to be a ‘spam’ site that pulls random jobs from the Internet” and is not any doing of UCCI. UCCI also confirmed that, upon hearing about the position being posted on the JobKart site, UCCI “immediately sent a message to the JobKart site administrator asking that the job posting be removed” but have not yet received a response to that request.

Commenting on the JobKart posting and allegations being made as to UCCI’s HR practices, UCCI said that “besides being a startling and deeply troubling accusation, it happened to also be untrue.”

It’s interesting to note that the FBI in the United States has issued warnings to the public that cyber-criminals are using fake job listings to target applicants’ personally identifiable information.

The UCCI representative continued.

Pending the outcome of the HR audit, UCCI reiterated that that “UCCI is not complicit in any effort to circumvent either the letter or the spirit of the recruitment laws in the Cayman Islands.”