Tourism Ministry bids farewell to Margely Reve after 41 years in Govt Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

The Ministry of Tourism & Ports bids a fond farewell to Margely Reve, who is setting off on retirement after having served the people of the Cayman Islands for over 41 years.

Ms. Reve began her service in 1982 at the tender age of 17 in the post of Clerical Assistant of the Executive Council (now known as Cabinet Office). She worked closely under Mrs. Jenny Manderson, who was the Clerk of the Executive Council at the time.

In 1985, Margely undertook her Associate’s Degree at the Miami Dade Community College, after which she worked for a year as an Executive Officer in the Public Service Commission under the leadership of Ms. Corrine Glasgow.

In 1990, Ms. Reve graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Tampa, where she attained her Master’s in Business Administration through online studies with the University of Phoenix in 2012.

Commenting on her contributions, Chief Officer of the Ministry of Tourism and Ports, Stran Bodden, said:

Margely has served her country well for 41 years, which is quite the extraordinary achievement! She is moving on to a new phase of her life, and we wish her all the best. I am sure she will spend her time enjoying her family and giving back to her community,

Margely is an active member of the West Bay community, and we are looking forward to seeing the many plans she has for her home district. There is no doubt she will be utilising all the strengths and skills she honed over her forty years of service.

Among the many highlights during her career, Margely particularly noted her time spent setting up the Recreation, Parks and Cemeteries Unit; and her management of the Unit for five months, which displayed her project management and leadership skills.

During her tenure, Ms. Reve served alongside six Permanent Secretaries/Chief Officers, five Chief Secretaries/Deputy Governors, 10 Ministers of Government, and 11 Governors.

Reacting to her time with the Government, Ms. Reve said:

While it wasn’t always smooth sailing, I have absolutely no regrets, but as the saying goes, ‘a smooth sea doesn’t make for a skilled sailor.’

I have enjoyed serving my government and the people of the Cayman Islands all these years. But as my ship comes into the dock, I want to leave some words of encouragement for fellow Civil Servants: continue to seek higher education, give your utmost best daily and always do what is right.

Ms. Reve’s last day with the Cayman Islands Government was Friday, March 31, 2023.