Tortuga opens airport kiosk in Montego Bay, Jamaica | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Tortuga International Holdings, known for its rum cakes, officially opened a retail kiosk inside the Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, signifying a culmination of a two-year project to expand its presence in international markets.

The opening also represents an increase in production and the need for additional labour, noted Marcus Simmonds, CEO of Tortuga International Holdings.

“The kiosk sales projections in equivalent pounds have been estimated at 100,000 pounds. This will be a volume driver for us, we are in one of the busiest airports in the Caribbean, and this bodes very well for employment,” Simmonds stated.

Simmonds also spoke on Tortuga’s expansion strategy.

“We are also expanding the product lines; we are now different ranges of spirit cake products. That was a major shift that was undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had to pivot our business to appeal to a broader range of discerning customers,” the Tortuga CEO said.

Marcus Simmonds, CEO of Tortuga International Holdings

Tortuga now manufactures cakes with whiskey, bourbon, and moonshine.

“This is the stage we are setting for a global presence. We have positioned the business to become much bigger and stronger as we recover,” Simmonds added.

Sharon Hislop, Manager, Commercial Business Development & Marketing at MBJ Airports Limited expressed satisfaction with the addition of Tortuga International Holdings to the retail space at the airport.

“This is an achievement for Tortuga Holdings as the brand has always been represented in various shops in the airport. The kiosk enhances the user experience for our passengers, they have the opportunity to access all the product lines of a Caribbean product and this is a great addition to our newly developed retail space,” said Hislop.

The kiosk alludes to Tortuga’s Caribbean heritage and is specifically adapted to showcase Tortuga’s interpretation of the Jamaican motif and market. The furniture features the brand’s Jamaica-specific products – Tortuga Jamaican Rum Fruit Cake, Tortuga Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cake and the Tortuga Golden Original Rum Cake. Airport travellers can sample the range of products at the kiosk.

“Tortuga’s aim with the design was to offer consumers a chance to come across an experiential visit and take home a piece of Jamaica with them,” said Senior Marketing and Business Development Manager Natalia Garcia.