Tiananmen: Lockdown As China Passes 25 Years


4 June 2014, 6:04 Tiananmen: Lockdown As China Passes 25 Years Tweet Chinese authorities are imposing severe security measures in central Beijing today as the city passes the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Thousands of police and security forces, some armed with automatic rifles, have been deployed across the Chinese capital. Police trucks are reportedly stationed near Tiananmen Square, alongside fire engines and ambulances. Tourists are still able to move about the vast public square, although uniformed and plain-clothes officers have reportedly been demanding identification from passers-by. An Australian woman told the AFP news agency she was unable to visit the…

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Who’s Who For New York Caribbean Investment Summit Today

Share Premier & Minister of Finance & Tourism of The British Virgin Islands, Dr. Orlando Smith; Minister of Tourism, St. Martin, Jeanne Rogers-Vanderpool; Minister of Economic Affairs, Curacao, Stanley Palm met with Cao, Pengcheng, Vice Chairman, Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development on Tuesday June 3rd ahead of the Summit […]