The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

The Valley – The Ministry and Department of Education wish to inform all of its stakeholders of the immediate discontinuation of temperature checks on students as they enter their respective schools.
The protocols previously announced remain:
• Symptomatic students will be tested.
• Teachers/students who are close contacts of an identified positive case will be tested.
• Students who test positive will be asked to isolate and their parents will be contacted for prompt collection.
• Parents also have the option to decline testing of their child. If this option is chosen, the child is to remain at home for a period of 7 days. The child will be allowed to physically return to the classroom after a negative test result is submitted to the school.

For their safety, students should also continue to be governed by the guidelines already established:
• Wash and sanitise your hands regularly and properly.
• Cough or sneeze into the crux of your bent elbow or in a tissue. If you use a tissue be sure to throw it away immediately and then wash your hands.
• Practice physical distancing.
• Use the correct entry and exit areas.
• Keep your supplies separate from your classmates’.
• If you have to share supplies, clean and disinfect them between use.
• Do not share food or drink including water.
• Wear a face mask/covering as doing so is mandatory.
• Avoid touching your eyes.
• Stay at home if you do not feel well.
• If you begin to feel unwell during the school day, tell a teacher.
• Follow all the rules the school has put in place to ensure your safety

The Ministry and Department of Education express our appreciation to school administrators, teachers, parents and students for their ongoing cooperation – as every effort is made to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all.
– Press Release