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Sustainable Cayman said that the National Conservation Council (NCC) is currently accepting Nominations for Protected Areas for all three islands and, in support of the NCC nomination process, Sustainable Cayman has started a social media campaign to spread awareness about this opportunity and to encourage citizens to take action in protecting what they love.

Why protect areas?

According to Sustainable Cayman, designating areas for protection, either through the purchase of lands or conservation agreements with landowners, is critical to preserving Cayman’s ecological integrity. Ecosystem services that flow from intact habitats sustain life for people and nature in the Cayman Islands; the two go hand in hand. One of the most prominent examples of this is the way that the Central Mangrove Wetlands influence temperature, produce rainfall and oxygen, and many other services. Therefore, establishing protected areas serves two purposes: to safeguard Cayman’s biodiversity and the peoples’ quality of life today and in the future.

Public participation is key

Sustainable Cayman said that public participation is key to helping the NCC decide which areas should be protected. It is also a right granted to citizens under Section 9 of the National Conservation Law (NCL).

Individuals are encouraged to get family and friends to sign each proposal document to show that there is substantial support for a particular area, sending their proposals by email to [email protected], by the May 13, 2022 deadline.

The Facebook group page 2022 NCC Nominations, created by Sustainable Cayman, gives the community a space to ask questions and share concerns, and discuss areas they think should be preserved. The community can also review a short video that explains how they can start their own proposals.

For those interested in volunteering with Sustainable Cayman, contact them at [email protected]

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