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The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Kids are the highlight of many of our lives, and rightfully so. For that reason, we often do all that we can to make them happy and one thing that brings them extraordinary joy are toys.

Patrice Boothe, founder of The Toy Box wants to help you bring joy into the lives of those adorable kids you so adore, and as such, in 2017, Boothe materialised her dream of starting a toy store.

Why a Toy Store?

The Toy Box is now accessible via online and storefront locations and is licensed to sell educational toys and other children’s products. It is a haven for toy lovers, young children and parents, who are intrigued with the variety of options.

“I love kids dearly, and wanted to contribute to their lives meaningfully, but I also needed the means to provide job opportunities for the Boothe family, so I started my toy business,” Boothe explained.

So far, The Toy Box has been making a bang in the Cayman and international markets, with much-proven success. “We aspire to bring the best products to our customers and help families and loved ones make a positive impact on the lives of their special little ones,” Booth disclosed.

Quality Toys for Quality Kids

To ensure this, The Toy Box supplies top-quality products that contribute to the educational growth of your children, including electronics, outdoor games, edible games, puzzles, building blocks and much more. As you can see, there is a very long list from which to choose that ideal gift.

Boothe says, “our main best selling products are our Poppits and Educational toys.” These are a favourite because they add more than just fun to the kids’ lives; they add academic value, as well.

The Toy Box Craze

The variety, the value, the influence and the customer experience are just some of the attributes that keep the customer base for The Toy Box expanding at such a rapid rate. “The brand is widely supported because of its affordable prices to the target customers,” Boothe stated.

Additionally, customers find the online option to order and have products delivered to their front door very convenient and hassle-free. This is particularly true of their overseas customers who (unfortunately cannot make it to the island) are able to order toys for their loved ones. According to Boothe, the online option has gotten rave reviews and has been a huge success with their overseas customers.

Plus, the brand services a wide customer base, as it carries all licensed products that fit the needs of children from birth to 18 years old.

Big Plans Outside the Box

Over the next five years, The Toy Box plans to open the island’s first Bounce Park/Toy Store. This concept will allow for an ‘All-In-One’ convenient facility where children can play and access learning toys under one roof.

Reach out to The Toy Box today to add some educational excitement to your child’s life or just to get them a little something to create that heart-warming smile you love so much.

Phone Number: 345-928-4545

Address: Barnett Building, 2nd Floor, George Town, Grand Cayman

Email: [email protected]