Several Migrants Drown Trying To Illegally Enter Panamanian Territory Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Authorities in Panama warned irregular migrants of the danger of using the Darién jungle as well as the coastlines to illegally enter and pass through Panama after several dead bodies of migrants were found in the sea by authorities on Valentine’s Day.

It is alleged that criminal members of transnational crime organizations regularly transport illegal migrants, and in this case, the migrants were transferred near the Carreto area.

Reportedly, while trying to enter the Panamanian territory, the boat capsized amidst lousy weather conditions.

The authorities explained that “The area in question is very complex for navigation due to the strong waves caused by the currents and winds, and depending on the time of year, inclement rains, which makes a safe arrival to port impossible if not by official means.”

The authorities added that, in this case, search patrols were sent out to recover the bodies and look for any survivors.

The authorities continued: “The journey through the various irregular migratory passages in the Darién jungle as well as the coastlines entails real dangers that continue to claim the lives of hundreds of people annually.”

The authorities concluded with a warning that “DARIÉN IS NOT A ROUTE, IT IS A JUNGLE!