Revisiting Egypt’s civil-military relations


As former Minister of Defence Field Marshal Abdul Fattah el-Sisi prepares to assume his duties as Egypt’s new president, the debate about Egypt’s civil-military relations will be brought to the fore. Egypt’s modern history demonstrated the inherent difficulties in achieving equilibrium between the historically powerful military and an ever-evolving civilian society. Conversations concerning the nature of the military’s role in politics and the civilian government’s level of oversight and authority over the armed forces are still considered taboo. Both sides are apprehensive of a public discourse on the subject, but for different reasons. The military does not want a public debate, ostensibly…

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SPOTLIGHT: Nadia Winter - BVI Beacon

SPOTLIGHT: Nadia Winter
BVI Beacon
This weekend, actually, I held a fashion show at the BVI Exquisite Boat Show. I displayed swimwear and resort-wear. Since I got the BVI, I've not done anything like that. Considering that this year marks the 60th anniversary of the August Emancipation ...