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The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

On Saturday, April 23, the Windsor Park Ballers basketball team brought some unexpected heat to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, beating a team fielded by the RCIPS by 40-37 in a friendly basketball tournament held in Windsor Park.

Adding to the heat was Jathan Barnes, who scored 13 out of the 40 winning points for the Windsor Park Ballers and who was eventually chosen as the Most Valuable Player of the tournament.

Barnes’ success is no accident, of course, as he has spent the last eight months in Oklahoma at Prep school on a basketball scholarship, developing his skills.

Commenting on Barnes’ MVP win, Cory McGee, the coach of the Windsor Park Ballers said:

[Barnes] is a product of the environment and spent countless hours on the same court. [It is] great to see him giving back to the community that supports him.

This is quite an important point to make as Barnes is an example of how hard work, dedication and the right environment can drive someone to achieve success, notwithstanding perceived, different starting points in life.

Having the right influences is important to the police too, which is why the community beat officer, Tamara Jackson, encouraged her colleagues to take some time out of their schedule to play a game of competitive basketball with the youth. Based on her involvement, PC Jackson is clearly committed to improvements in the community beyond her role as a beat officer.

The importance of the event to the wider community was obvious as well, judging by the 75-100 people in attendance. Special guest, Grant Wiederin, a university of Iowa trainer & Assistant Coach, was also present, which turned out to be a bonus as he was available to both play in the tournament on the RCIPS team and autograph the winning trophy while he was in Cayman hosting a basketball camp at John Gray High School with Coach Cory.

Following the success of this weekend’s tournament, Coach Cory said that the event is now expected to be held monthly in order for the Windsor Park youth to continue to have a positive outlet and for the RCIPS to regularly engage the youth in a positive and productive environment. Coach Cory and his team will receive ongoing support from local hedge fund services director, Alric Lindsay (another product of Windsor Park) who is giving back by previously providing the initial jerseys and basketballs for the Windsor Park Ballers and who has pledged further support for the team going forward.

Windsor Park Ballers

Windsor Park Ballers take time out for a photo with the RCIPS basketball team

Windsor Park Ballers Team Roster: Jalano Swaby, Dillon Green, Jathan Barnes, Jaron Barnes, Tarick Prendergast, Kevon Watler, Javier Emmanuel Willmoth, Jolon Barnes, Jaton Barnes, Gevon Morgan, Ziggy Xavier, Deondre Trowers