Public Health spotlight on Monkeypox, Arthritis and COVID-19 Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

The Public Health department has now published its weekly Public Health Spotlight on Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases. A summary of findings is set out below.


In 2022, to date there have been 37,736 laboratory-confirmed cases of monkeypox reported to WHO from 93 Member States (data as of 17 August 2022).

Over the last week, the number of confirmed cases that have been detected has increased by 20.3%, with most new cases being detected in the Region of the Americas (56%) and the European Region (42%).

During the past week, two countries in Europe have reported their first case. There have been 12 deaths reported during this outbreak to date, mostly in the African Region with two in the Americas (Brazil and Ecuador).

Cayman Islands

There continue to be no known cases of monkeypox virus detected in the Cayman Islands, and there are no suspected cases currently being investigated. Any individuals who notice possible symptoms or signs should seek immediate medical attention. Testing for monkeypox can be conducted in the Cayman Islands to enable early detection and diagnosis.


Arthritis refers to pain and inflammation in a joint, and the common symptoms include stiffness, swelling and a reduced range of motion in joints. Arthritis can occur in different forms and be due to different reasons. Common types are Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis, which is a form of Autoimmune Inflammatory arthritis. Arthritis can occur in individuals of all ages. In the US, arthritis is reported to be the leading cause of disability.

During the recent 2021 Census, after diabetes, arthritis was the second highest medically diagnosed illness with 1,439 cases reported (22.2 per 1,000 population). The number of females reporting arthritis, at 1,031, was more than double the number of males, at 408. Part of this difference may be explained by differing health-seeking behaviour and health reporting among males and females.

COVID-19 – Epidemiological Week 327 – 14 August 2022 (Data as of 18-08-2022)

International Situation

Globally, the number of detected and reported COVID-19 cases has decreased by 19% last week, compared to the week before. Reported COVID-19 deaths remained stable over the past week.

Cayman Islands Local Trends

The number of detected cases remained stable over the past week and PCR testing increased slightly. During Epi Week 32 there were 255 cases detected and the case rate was 368 cases per 100,000 population, the same as the previous week. There were notably more female than male cases detected. Test positivity was 39% during Epi Week 32, which has decreased slightly from 42% in the previous week. The testing rate has increased by 11% from 853 tests per 100,000 population to 948 tests per 100,000 population.

Hospital Admissions

Eight new hospital admissions were registered during Epi Week 32, remaining stable from the previous week. Of the eight new admissions, six were admitted due to COVID-19 morbidity and two patients were detected on screening. A total of 16 patients required inpatient treatment, which was an increase of 45% from 11 during the previous week.


During Epi Week 32, there were 62 adults who received a vaccine (23 first dose and 39 second dose) and 135 adults who received a booster (40 third dose and 95 fourth dose).

Key Message

COVID-19 case detection and testing continue to decline in the Cayman Islands. Measures to reduce your risk of catching COVID-19 and passing it on to others include good hand hygiene, staying home when symptomatic or positive and getting your booster vaccination.