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The Royal Cayman Islands Police’s Financial Crime Investigation Unit is once again noting an increase in text-based scams and is reminding the public of the following information for community awareness.

According to the police, the scams are usually sent to recipients via messaging services such as WhatsApp or via text message. Some of the recent scams that have been reported include the following scenarios:

Messages purporting to be from a banking institution and advising the recipient to update their banking details via an included link (to a fraudulent website). Recently these scams include warnings that an account has been suspendedAdvising of a (fictional) transaction which the recipient has not authorised and advising them to click a link to dispute or cancel the transactionAdvising of lottery winnings from prominent brands and requesting bank details or administrative fees to collect winningsPurported cryptocurrency investments that use the names of public figures to entice people to invest.

If persons receive messages of this nature, the RCIPS advises blocking the sender.

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