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2 hrs ago

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) said that they have seen a recent increase in the number of Honda vehicles stolen on Grand Cayman, specifically; CRV, Civic and Accord models. The majority of these stolen vehicles are registered pre 2002.

Two Honda CRVs stolen recently were taken while the original keys remained in the possession of the owners and where used in the commission of serious crimes. “We are investigating the possibilities around how this could occur”, says Ag. Superintendent Brad Ebanks. “We advise owners to restrict access as much as possible to keys for these model vehicles.

The RCIPS want to advise persons that own Honda vehicles registered pre 2002, to ensure that these vehicles are well secured when not in use to avoid becoming a target. This means, never leave the keys in the vehicle, parking within an enclosed garage where possible, parking another vehicle behind it, using a steering wheel or tyre lock, alarming the vehicle, and parking in well-lit locations within the site of CCTV or security cameras, and always lock the vehicle.

“These vehicle safety tips of course apply to all vehicle owners”, says Ag. Superintendent Brad Ebanks. “We see many vehicles left running, or unlocked, and with valuables sitting in plain view where opportunistic thieves will take advantage of an easy target. “Please be mindful of how you secure your vehicle, specifically if you own a pre-2002 Honda, so you can avoid becoming the next victim”.

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