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May 21, 2022 07:12 AM ET

Laser Tech LTI 20/20 TruVision Handheld Speed Gun (for illustration purposes only)
(Photo credit: Laser Tech)

Residents may have missed it in the Cayman Islands Gazette on Wednesday, May 18, 2022, however, the Commissioner of Police has approved a new speed measuring device, the “Laser Tech LTI 20/20 TruVision Handheld Speed Gun” which has photo and video capabilities.

According to Laser Tech, the device published in the Cayman Islands Gazette is the next generation of photo and video speed and traffic enforcement technology, which helps to document traffic violations.

This state-of-the-art handheld laser speed gun gathers and stores the evidence for speeding, tailgating and distracted driving violations. It also provides a high-resolution image of the license plate number and a full-length video of the violation.

Laser Tech said.

Laser Tech also explained that the removable SD card allows for secure transfer of all field data to the office. If the version being used by the police has the 128-bit secure data encryption, this will allow the police to have a complete chain of evidence that is tamper-proof if ever challenged in court.

Laser Tech added that multiple operational modes are available on the TruVISION that gives police the ultimate versatility to adjust and adapt as needed depending on the circumstance. These modes are as follows:

Speed Mode – Collect speed measurements and all pertinent data for oncoming or departing vehicles within dense traffic.Auto Mode – Automatically captures images within a fixed distance, such as school and construction zones.Rear Plate Mode – Measure the speed and maintain a chain of evidence until the rear license plate is captured.

Laser Tech also reported that they have patented DBC (Distance Between Cars) technology measures the time and distance between vehicles giving police the capability to prove following too closely. This is an optional feature.

Another optional feature is the Night Mode, which is used with the IR Illuminator, which emits a continuous invisible infrared light source and is mounted on the left side of the laser device for nighttime or low light conditions. The infrared illuminator can illuminate the vehicle license plate (reflective) up to 120 feet for the TruVISION to capture video of speeding vehicles at night.

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