Panama alert: Fraudsters posing as lawyers to falsify immigration docs | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

49 minutes ago

Panama’s National Migration Service has alerted the public that it has discovered that certain persons are purporting to offer themselves as professional legal advisors to assist members of the public, especially foreigners, with immigration procedures in Panama, however, these people have turned out to be fraudsters.

According to the Panama authorities, the reported fraud includes the falsification of receipts for the payment of fines from the National Immigration Service. To further the fraud, many foreign citizens have been told that the delay in their processing is the responsibility of the immigration entity. Upon approaching the relevant entity, the foreign persons realize that their documents were not even presented for the start of the relevant immigration process. A number of complaints have now been received by Panama authorities regarding these scams which aim to deceive foreigners who require legal services to carry out immigration procedures.

Panama authorities are now calling on all persons, when contracting the services of a legal professional, to corroborate that the person advising them is a valid, qualified lawyer.

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