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The traffic coming from Savannah towards Prospect at 6:30AM

The PACT Government says that it intends to proceed with the East West Arterial Road on Grand Cayman to help reduce traffic to and from the Eastern Districts.

In a statement released from the Premier’s Office this morning, the government reaffirmed its intentions, stating:

The elected Government realizes that traffic congestion negatively impacts the quality of life for thousands of Caymanians each week day. The Government has already made substantial progress with road works to relieve bottle necks at the Grand Harbour roundabout, and works have commenced to expand the number of lanes on the Linford Pierson Highway from the Agnes Way roundabout to Bobby Thompson Way and Smith Road.

Minister of Infrastructure Hon. Jay Ebanks said that work is progressing well on the East-West Arterial with work done on phase one from Hirst Road to east of Woodland Drive and indicated that the Environment Impact Assessment process has begun for phase two, which will inform the design and construction from Woodland Drive to Frank Sound Road.

“Expanding the roads’ infrastructure is necessary and long overdue, and we are committed to completing the East West Arterial Road as soon as possible to improve the quality of life for thousands of Caymanians who live in the Eastern Districts,” said Premier Wayne Panton.

Premier Panton has advised that the government is taking a “holistic approach and a long-term view to traffic and ground transportation. Improving our roads infrastructure where strategically necessary, transforming our system of public transport, reducing the number of cars imported each month and encouraging new behaviours such as car-pooling and increased use of buses, are all part of the bigger picture.”

“I want to thank the Ministry and the National Roads Authority team for the diligence they have shown in moving this important and well-needed project forward, as well as the PACT Government for its full support,” said Minister Ebanks.

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