Obituary: Lee Kuan Yew


With a sense of vision and a ruthless pragmatism, Lee Kuan Yew led Singapore as it transformed from a tiny island with no natural resources into a thriving economic success. He successfully channelled the energies of Singaporeans to create what has often been described as an economic miracle, a mixture of private and state capitalism. Mr Lee made Singapore prosperous, modern, efficient and practically corruption-free – and overseas investors flocked in. Continue reading the main story “Start Quote We decide what is right. Never mind what the people think” End Quote Lee Kuan Yew But while he was admired for his economic success, many expressed concern over his record on human…

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The GM crops debate moves to Africa – and it’s just as noisy

It is strange to see an apparently ordinary field surrounded by a seven-foot steel fence topped with barbed wire. The banana trees being grown inside don’t look any different from those that are ubiquitous in the surrounding African countryside. The only thing that marks them apart is the fence, two […]