NY Mayor Insists He Supports Comprehensive Immigration Reform


CaribWorldNews, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Oct. 9, 2009: New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg is turning his focus on the millions of immigrant voters across New York City by insisting he supports immigration reform.

`Unfortunately, we can`t welcome more immigrants without help from Congress which has failed to fix a broken system that is keeping too many talented people out, forcing too many hard working people into the shadows, undermining wage and safety laws, and making border security virtually impossible,` he said Thursday, as he unveiled a four-point plan which he said will maximize the economic contributions of immigrants in the Big Apple.

Mayor Bloomberg, who is seeking an unprecedented and somewhat controversial third term in the post of mayor, also reiterated his call for comprehensive immigration reform with a pathway to citizenship, as well as support for the DREAM Act which would allow children of undocumented immigrants to become citizens in exchange for attending college or performing military service.

He added that immigrants are a major reason why many international companies today want to invest in New York because their employees want to live in a culturally diverse city.

Bloomberg is adding support to CARIBID2010 which is being pushed by CaribWorldNews and other community groups which are trying to bring awareness of the need to add a Caribbean American category to the Census forms.
`The Mayor is working to ensure that every single person living in New York is counted and is also very important that our communities receive the resources and services that we need and deservedly the only way that is going to happen is if our communities are counted and the only way that is going to happen is if we work with Caribbean-based leaders, Caribbean-based non-profit organizations to ensure that their services are culturally competent,` said a Bloomberg spokesperson.

In his 2005 re-election victory Mayor Bloomberg did best among blacks in middle-class neighbourhoods generally and among Caribbean voters and edged his Democratic rival, Fernando Ferrer in several largely Caribbean districts in central Brooklyn.

Public opinion polls continue to show Bloomberg leading his rival Democratic Mayoral candidate, Bill Thompson in November`s election. Bloomberg has already spent over $65 million of his own money on his re-election bid compared to a meagre $4 million by his challenger. The mayor`s spending is a new record for any election race in the city but is a small fraction – about 0.7 percent – of  his estimated net worth of $16 billion. – By Michael Bascombe, Special To CWNN


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