NRA public meeting in Windsor Park this Thursday | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

The National Roads Authority (NRA) will hold its next public meeting on Thursday, March 24 at 7pm at the Wesleyan Holiness Church located at 174 Anthony Drive in Windsor Park. Topics to be discussed include speeding, roadside parking, derelict vehicles and NRA major road projects near the area.

Regarding speeding, the NRA has sought to address this by installing additional speed humps along Andy Drive, Williams Drive, Hawkins Drive and Oakland Street. However, residents say that some vehicles continue to race through the area and speed over the speed humps, posing safety issues for children walking and playing in the area.

To curb speeding, one resident suggested that more police presence and/or traffic cameras could deter persons from speeding along the narrow roads in Windsor Park, including people who use Windsor Park as a “shortcut” to get to work. The availability of police resources to tackle this, however, may be an issue as the Commissioner of Police has noted in previous NRA meetings in other districts.

For those that live in Windsor Park, the controversy is ongoing about what to do with vehicles parked on the roadside, an issue which is primarily attributed to having insufficient parking spaces for properties in the area. Historically, this happened because some homes were redeveloped from family homes to rental units and the number of tenants with vehicles outnumber the number of available parking spaces. The issue is exacerbated when family and friends come to visit the area and have to park on the roadside.

Measures to put roadside parking to an end include the issuance of tickets by the community beat officer and the painting of double yellow lines in some areas, as authorised by the Traffic Management Panel. However, instances of roadside parking continue, sometimes posing a danger to road users in terms of obstruction of view or making it more difficult for emergency vehicles to pass through the area.

Other unsightly practices include derelict vehicles, seemingly abandoned and left on properties in certain areas. These are deemed to be road encroachments under the Roads Act if discarded or abandoned within sight from any public road. Actions by the NRA include giving notice to the owner or occupier of the land to remove the abandoned vehicle at the owner’s cost. Where the notice is not complied with, the NRA may cause the encroachment to be removed in such a manner as the NRA may think fit. The police and the Department of Environmental Health also have responsibility for derelict vehicles outlined in the Litter Act and Traffic Act.

Windsor Park residents who wish to discuss resolutions for these issues and who want to learn more about NRA major projects near the area, including work on the Linford Pierson Highway should attend the NRA public meeting this Thursday, March 24 at 7pm at the Wesleyan Holiness Church.