NRA public meeting at Smith Barcadere tonight (March 17) | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

In an effort to gather feedback from members of the public, the National Roads Authority (NRA) will continue their tour around Cayman with a public meeting tonight (March 17) at Smith Barcadere, a venue which was chosen after the South Sound Community Centre and other locations were unavailable. Edward Howard, managing director of the NRA, will be present to discuss the NRA’s major projects for Cayman, including those that directly impact the Walkers Road and South Sound area.

High on the list of residents’ concerns tonight will be road safety, which some members of the community say can be enhanced by the implementation of more sidewalks and bike lanes.

Another issue is the future of the South Sound Basin, for which various proposals have been discussed, including the idea of a nature trail which Minster Jay Ebanks went over a few months ago with a group of environmentalists. Other ideas for the South Sound Basin include a new road to alleviate traffic heading towards the schools, which could potentially be in the form of an overpass if feasible from a cost and engineering perspective.

An overpass has also been debated near the Grand Harbour roundabout to allow residents in the area to cross the roads safely to the shopping centre.

On the way out of South Sound and onto Walkers Road, Alric Lindsay, chairman of the board of directors of the NRA confirmed that “the NRA met with a property owner on Walkers road to discuss the use of their land to create a drop off point so that parents would not necessarily have to turn into the schools, thereby alleviating some of the traffic at peak times.”

We have also explored a “traffic loop” through the utilization of the same land, which could keep traffic flowing, however, there would need to be consultation with the residents there to understand their views on how such a proposal would impact them.

Lindsay continued.

Lindsay further noted that, with all of the schools being so close together on Walkers Road, parents might like to consider whether large school buses that cater to government schools could also serve the private schools in the area, saving parents time on their way to work. If parents were happy with such an idea, then the relevant ministry could be asked whether it is feasible to implement.

As it relates to work, there are also changes impacting central George Town, which the NRA’s managing director, Edward Howard, will touch on.

Members of the South Sound and Walkers Road communities who wish to hear more about the NRA’s plans and who wish to provide feedback should come out to Smith Barcadere tonight at 7:30pm.