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Minister for Infrastructure, Jay Ebanks

The National Roads Authority (NRA) is being proactive regarding the maintenance of drains across Cayman by planning periodic drain maintenance and publishing the works schedule on their website.

The reason for the publication of the schedule is to embrace some of the new approaches of the board of directors of the NRA to be proactive and keep the public informed so that members of the public can plan ahead and make informed decisions as they go through their day-to-day activities. It is also being done because hurricane season is approaching and the NRA wishes to provide comfort to residents that, a minimum, the most troubled areas will be addressed in advance of any impending hurricane.

Regarding the drains maintenance, Minister for Infrastructure, Jay Ebanks, said he was “pleased to see the NRA making efforts to keep the public informed of NRA works.”

The truth is that different areas in Cayman have issues specific to them that impacts flooding. For example, the water table may be low or high in some places. In others, alternative measures would be more appropriate, which are things that storm management committees also look at in order to make further recommendations to the Ministry.

The Minister added.

Not only are recommendations from storm management committees important to discuss, they must also be reflected in legislation after obtaining feedback from stakeholders.

This is why Minister Ebanks is interested in seeing the scope of the legal amendments to be proposed by the legal subcommittee of the NRA board of directors who have completed a detailed review of the Roads Act and provisions of other Acts. Regarding this, a source close to the NRA board shared that “not only will the board submit proposals to the Minister in due course, recommendations will be sent on how more agencies can work together to achieve coordinated outcomes.”

Speaking of working together, the NRA is expected to complete their annual hurricane preparedness exercise with the Public Works Department (PWD) in due course, which will include teams testing for overall hurricane readiness.

Drains maintenance, of course, is a part of these hurricane preparedness exercises which NRA will continue to focus on in the weeks preceding the start of the hurricane season and thereafter.

For details of the drains maintenance schedule, members of the public may visit the NRA’s website at the below link:


Members of the public should note that the schedule is subject to change from time-to-time depending on the needs in various communities. However, amendments will be published to keep members of the public informed of the variations.

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