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March 15, 2022 04:54 PM ET

Archipielago International, a full-service hotel management chain in Southeast Asia, said that they are opening their newest hotel in Havana, Cuba today called The Grand Aston La Habana hotel.

Boasting 600 rooms and suites, The Grand Aston La Habana hotel is located across the street from the popular Malecon in Havana, beyond which one can see the beautiful ocean.

Regarding the room detail, the website says that the rooms were designed to have a minimalist open space concept, using blue as a main base, providing tranquillity with warm touches of orange.

In addition to the tranquil rooms, the hotel will also serve as an event venue, with its Java, Sumatra and Bali rooms, inspired by Indonesian heritage.

The price tag for all of this, according to The Grand Aston La Habana hotel website, is around USD 179 per night, which seems quite competitive, relative to the prices of luxury brands in the Cayman Islands, a neighbouring tourist destination.

The hotel also has club rooms, VIP and fine dining, together with a bar on level 25 where guests can be greeted by stunning sunset views.

Loop Cayman also had the opportunity to visit The Grand Aston La Habana hotel prior to its opening and can confirm its noticeable, majestic presence near the waterfront across from the Malecon. There are also a few restaurant alternatives in the area should one decide to venture outside the hotel to enjoy other parts of Havana.

With such a large new development coming on line in Havana and plans to open more, one wonders whether Havana knows something that Grand Cayman doesn’t know… or maybe Cuba is just catering to a different kind of luxury customer.

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