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Cayman Sage
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According to the National Trust for the Cayman Islands, Cayman Sage, Salvia caymanensis, is a critically endangered perennial plant endemic to Grand Cayman, however, it still faces threats in the wild due to habitat loss and a lack of protected habitat.

The National Trust said that the Cayman Sage was believed to be extinct for around 40 years before being rediscovered by Mrs Carla Reid in 2007, following the release of a “Wanted” poster by the Darwin Initiative, a programme to conserve endangered species. Shortly after its rediscovery, an additional 300 plants were identified, and 18,000 seeds collected from the wild.

Cayman Sage is a strong-smelling herb that blooms small pale blue flowers in June. It has since been planted in schools and landscaped areas as part of various conservation initiatives throughout the years and because it is easy to cultivate, hardy and attractive.

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