Mom devastated as Catholic school shuns her for dressing “offensively” | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Lula, a single mom living in Panama, got a rude awakening this Friday morning when Centro Educativo Batutista de Balboa, a Catholic school in Panama, reportedly told her that she cannot return to the school to drop off her eight-year-old son, unless she changes the way she dresses.

According to Lula, everything seemed to be going normal as she was taking her son, a second grade student, to class when she was approached by a teacher.

The hardworking mom explained to Loop News that, out of nowhere, in front of other parents and children, a teacher at the school seemingly targeted her with a snarl of contempt, saying “you can’t come dressed like that to this school… this is a Catholic institution and you cannot wear clothes like that.”

Upon sharing this morning’s photo with Loop News, the clothes in question comprised a black blouse and shorts, which a teacher at the Catholic school reportedly found offensive.

Lula, embarrassed, saddened and shocked by the school’s reaction, was left in a devastated state.

It is incredible how at this point in life and at this time in the middle of 2022, people still think this way. The way of dressing, [economic] class, [one] tattoo or more tattoos and social status should not be more important than what we are worth as a person… for me this is discrimination.

Lula told Loop News.

Lula also shared a text message with Loop News reportedly from the school’s representative saying that the school is a “very serious institution” and “all parents go formally dressed to deliver their children.” The representative added that they “have never seen a father or a mother with shorts and tight clothes.”

Upon hearing of Lula’s situation, another mom commented that this is “pure envy [on the part] of the teacher to [use] foolish words [of] deaf hatred.”

People don’t realise “the damage they cause with their retrograde comments,” she added.

There were also reactions from other moms, including one who exclaimed that “this is the hypocrisy of the 21st century, they are surprised and upset by nothing, knowing that there are more relevant things to worry about, than seeing how others dress.”

The commentary from the supportive moms is on point- there are more serious issues that educational institutions should focus upon, including bullying at school, educational levels and teacher performance. The school’s alleged behaviour is also opposite of the spirit of the statement expressed on their website that their “goal is to prepare the future leaders of society,” the achievement of which clearly cannot be demonstrated by one or more of their representatives allegedly standing firm in support of policies of discrimination against women, in this case, turning a hardworking mom away for how she is dressed.