The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

The Ministry of Health has issued significant changes to its COVID-19 Policy to be in effect staring Tuesday, January 18, 2022.

Speaking at the Government’s press conference on Monday, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health, Foster Rogers, outlined the policy changes as follows:

• Government has decided to increase the availability of testing to the public. Persons will no longer be prohibited from importing Antigen Tests. However, the PCR tests will still be controlled by labs, and anyone wanting a PCR test – either at a private lab or a public lab – still has to come to the Ministry for approval.

Government has approved persons to import Antigen tests for: personal testing including families; persons operating private medical laboratories; licenced doctors in Anguilla; persons with more than 15 employees; persons who operate hotels; and licenced pharmacists.

The approved tests cannot be used for commercial use, and persons who import tests outside the stated guidelines are subject to penalties under the Act.

• Government has tightened up the work permit requirement for vaccinations. Whether you are a new person coming under a work permit, or renewal of a work permit, you are required to be vaccinated either in Anguilla or outside of Anguilla with an approved vaccine, no matter in which sector you work.

• A Certificate of Unfitness can be granted to persons if, for bonified medical reasons, they cannot get a vaccination. The certificate must be issued by a medical doctor to the Chief Medical Officer who will determine its eligibility for exemption based on the regulation.