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21 hrs ago

Chris Saunders, Minister for Labour

The Ministry of Border Control and Labour advises the public of an advertisement by or on behalf of Employees Corporation of Jamaica, promoting work in the Cayman Islands is not affiliated with Workforce Opportunities & Residency Cayman (WORC) or Customs & Border Control (CBC).

Reacting to the advertisement, Chief Officer for the Ministry of Border Control & Labour, Wesley Howell said:

We have had no conversations with the entity entitled Employees Corporation of Jamaica and cannot guarantee work permits will be approved as stated in the flyer. When persons apply for jobs outside of their country, they should do their due diligence and research the company and the position advertised to ensure they are not being taken advantage.

The Ministry’s clarification comes at a time when the Minister of Labour, Chris Saunders, has been making efforts to boost Caymanian participation in the workforce, including having Caymanians on the frontline in various industries, especially in the area of hospitality. While these Caymanian employment efforts are ongoing, many foreign applicants are also applying for job opportunities in Cayman. Those opportunities that falsely link the Ministry of Labour to job ads can make the opportunities seem more credible but, in fact, they are misrepresentations of the relationship between the Ministry and another party. These fake job ads can also sometimes result in overseas applicants being scammed by paying job recruitment fees to a false recruitment agency or unauthorised persons, ultimately losing their hard earned money.

In such cases, the Ministry of Labour and advises persons to apply at their own risk.

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