The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

The Valley, Anguilla- The Ministry and Department of Education congratulate Anguillian students for their outstanding performance in making the CXC Regional Merit List for the July/August 2021 CCSLC, CSEC and CAPE Examinations.
The CXC Regional Merit List highlights the students across the region who attained the top ten scores in each subject area. The Ministry and Department of Education are pleased to announce that this year twenty-five students from Anguilla made the Regional Merit List.

At the CCSLC level, Social Studies was dominated by Anguillians with Neah Francois and Rayvia Hodge earning the top spot; Kishana Edwards ranking 2nd; Safiya Banks and Rayana Webster tying for 4th and Electa Adams and Gabriela Davis sharing the number 10 ranking. The Mathematics Merit List would once again see the likes of Rayvia Hodge, Safiya Banks and Rayana Webster as they placed 5th, and 7th respectively. Anguillian students also made their mark in Integrated Science with Hakea Brooks coming out on top; Khorey Barrett, Jada Hunte and Anre Samuel all earning 2nd place; Ethan Harrigan copping the 5th spot; and Dimitri Blake, Cajeah Bryan, Talyka Harrigan, Jia Jun Laven Liang and Anna Lynch all tying for 10th place.

At the CSEC level, Shaelen Hughes-Hodge and Jaheim Christie ranked 6th and 8th respectively in Industrial Technology: Building and Furniture. Mr. Christie also ranked 2nd in Music.

At CAPE level, Cailan Fleming earned the top spot in Building and Mechanical Engineering Drawing Unit 1 (Building). Ciara Banks copped 5th in Computer Science Unit 2; while Pierre-Jai Lake earned 3rd place in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technology Unit 2, Option A. Briana Battick ranked 3rd in Food and Nutrition Unit 2; while Alysha Carty and Aaliyah Richardson placed 7th and 10th respectively in Performing Arts Unit 2 (Drama).

The Ministry and Department of Education again congratulate the students on their achievements and extend a heartfelt thank you to all the persons who played a role in ensuring the success of the students, including parents, teachers and other supporters.

The Ministry and Department also wish to extend a special thank you to all teachers for their commitment to, and guidance of, their students, in light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The results highlighted above are a clear indication of the resilience and tenacity of our teachers and students amidst school shutdowns and hybrid learning. Their achievements should, indeed, be celebrated.

The Ministry and Department of Education encourage the entire community to continue to support the work of teachers and students in Anguilla.