The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Speaking at the Government’s weekly press conference on Monday, January 24, 2022, Minister of Commerce, Mr. Kyle Hodge announced three updates from his Ministry:

1. Mr. Hodge expressed excitement about working with the current members of the Chamber of Commerce. He noted that the Chamber had recently added new members to its Board. “The Chamber has a very diverse Board, one that I am looking forward to collaborating with in the near future. It is a mixture of young and seasoned members – male and female – as well as members from small and big business.

“I am a big supporter of the Chamber and would have worked with them since 2009. I know and understand the power that the Chamber can possess. We have already begun collaboration on the new licencing of the Business Act.”

2. Concerning the ferry boat licences, Mr. Hodge noted that the business licence fees for ferry boat operators will be waived. He stated: “We took it to Council, and those ferry boat operators between Blowing Point and Marigot, who would have paid their 2020 business licence, will have their 2022 fees waived. We are now waiting for the Inland Revenue Department to figure out the system in order to allow that waiver to be put in place.”

3. The Department of Natural Resources is approaching Open Market Day again. The month of February is “Buy Local Month”. The month-long event under the theme: It’s A Food Production Revolution: An Obligation Not An Option, will begin with a press conference on February 1, and culminate on February 28 with a grand Open Market showcase of locally produced crops.