Mediterranean crisis reflects escalating migration worldwide


Footage of Irish naval personnel rescuing women, men and children in peril at sea has brought the crisis in the Mediterranean closer to home. There is rightly much pride in the life-saving work of the LÉ Eithne and its crew. Search-and-rescue operations are the immediate priority. However, it is clear that a comprehensive response to a humanitarian tragedy of this scale is urgently required. The international response must be guided by an understanding of why people are taking such dangerous journeys. For the majority of them, the reasons are war, conflict and persecution. Fifteen conflicts have erupted or reignited in the past five years, displacing tens of millions. Some 59.5 million…

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Hong Kong election reform defeated by lawmakers

The Hong Kong government’s controversial Beijing-backed election reforms were defeated Thursday by pro-democracy lawmakers. After a lengthy debate, 28 lawmakers voted against the proposals, which sparked huge street protests in the southern Chinese city last year. Eight others voted in favor. However, in a confusing scene moments before the vote […]