McKeeva Bush “under observation” at Health City today after chest pain Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Veteran politician MP McKeeva Bush confirmed today that he is “currently under observation at Health City’s Triage Room” after experiencing what he described as stress on his chest and left arm.

Mr Bush said he was hoping he would only be with doctors for a few hours today and expects to leave the hospital by this evening.

Speaking about the help he is getting, Mr Bush said that doctors are performing different tests, including an MRI and blood work, to determine the reason for the pain in his chest and arm, which caused him not to rest last night.

For those who may wish to visit Mr Bush at the hospital, it is understood that, under the circumstances, “no visitors will be allowed at the hospital or home,” and he will need “two weeks of complete rest” before returning to his official duties.

Meanwhile, members of the public have been sending prayers today to Mr Bush and his family, wishing him a positive outcome.