Maples Group donates US$58,000 towards wheelchair-accessible van Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

The Maples Group said that, on behalf of its clients, a donation of over US$58,000 was made to assist with the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible van.

According to the Maples Group, the wheelchair-accessible van will improve accessibility to mental health services offered by the Children Emergency Mental Health Hub (“Alex’s Place”), a collaborative initiative by the Health Services Authority (“HSA”), the Ministry of Health and Wellness and The Alex Panton Foundation’s (“APF”).

The wheelchair-accessible van will provide both a method of transport for young people to reach Alex’s Place better and for mental health professionals to provide services out in the community.

Commenting on the Group’s donation towards the van, Scott Somerville, CEO of MaplesFS, part of the Maples Group, said:

As awareness of the importance of mental health increases, it’s essential to ensure that there is sufficient access to services to help those who are struggling. We are strong advocates for mental wellness and are proud to assist the APF and HSA with the provision of a mobile mental health unit. We hope that this new vehicle makes it easier for young people to access critical support in a safe and professional environment.

Also commenting on the donation, Jane Panton, chairperson of the APF, said:

The Maples Group continues to support the APF in its efforts to meet the mental health needs of the young people in our community and the APF is extremely grateful for their generous donation which will support the mission of our Foundation and Alex’s Place. The van is an integral part of the services to be provided by Alex’s Place that will facilitate mental health professionals going into schools and homes to provide assessments and patient placement as part of discharge planning, as well as bringing those individuals who do not have transportation to seek the services they need. This is a big dream realised for the Alex Panton Foundation. We have been working on this Outreach initiative since the conception of the APF. I’m deeply honoured to be a part of the team and grateful to all that worked so hard to make this dream become a reality. I believe Alex will be very happy with the culmination of these efforts. Thank you Maples for stepping forward with this very generous donation for the van.

More about The Alex Panton Foundation and Alex’s Place

The Alex Panton Foundation is a Non-Profit Organisation with the primary objective of raising awareness of mental illnesses affecting children and young adults in the Cayman Islands, with a particular focus on anxiety and depression.

This Foundation has been established in memory of Alex Panton, who succumbed to the effects of severe depression at the age of 16.

The Alex Panton Foundation aims to provide hope and resources to friends, family, teachers, classmates, and carers to help save the lives of children and young adults struggling with mental illness.

Alex’s Place, formally opened to the public in January 2023, is a collaborative initiative by the Health Services Authority, the Ministry of Health and Wellness, and The Alex Panton Foundation.

Alex’s Place challenges the barriers that inhibit young people’s access to mental health treatment.

Alex’s Place will be an age-appropriate mental health facility for children and adolescents to feel comfortable seeking help. It will be developed in consultation with the UK Health Security Agency and the NHS England, who will offer guidance on the operation and implementation of their triaging model.

To learn more about Alex’s Place, members of the public may contact the APF at [email protected]

(Source: The Maples Group)