Man Sues Ex-Girlfriend For $7,000 Over Vehicle Transfer Dispute Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

According to a Plaint filed in the Summary Court on February 16, 2024, a man alleged that his ex-girlfriend assaulted him over a dispute in connection with the transfer of ownership of a Honda Fit after their relationship ended. The man further alleged that his ex-girlfriend attempted to ruin his legal and working status and caused monetary loss to him.

Based on the claim, on or around August 6, 2023, the man purchased a Honda Fit through a “deposit of Cl $6500.00 and remaining balance of $500.00 to be paid over the following month by September 6, 2023.”

It is alleged that the man allowed his then-girlfriend “to temporarily register the Honda Fit for her use,” as her “vehicle needed repairs and she was financial incapable of facilitating the repairs at said time.”  His girlfriend was reportedly “aware that this was a temporary situation.”

Subsequently, the man claimed that, on or around October 19, 2023, his then girlfriend discarded his personal belongings from the home they shared and contacted the police to have him removed from the property. The man reportedly “left the property with the vehicle and has retained possession of the vehicle since this incident.”

It is alleged that on November 30, 2023, they “agreed to attend the Department of Vehicle Licensing to transfer registration” to the man “as the rightful owner of said vehicle.”

However, the man alleged that, instead, his ex-girlfriend assaulted him and refused to transfer ownership of the vehicle due to her dissatisfaction that their relationship ended.

Allegedly, the man reported the incident to the Bodden Town Police Station, “including the disposal/ damage of the logbook for the vehicle, and other personal legal documents.”

The man claims that his ex-girlfriend “has caused physical and severe financial hardship” to him as a result of her alleged actions.

He further claimed that she attempted to ruin his “legal and working status”, and caused monetary loss to him “for the cost of obtaining official reports and fees   for the application of a replacement of documents.”

The Plaint concluded with an allegation that she “has repeatedly indicated that she will not sign the documents” to transfer the ownership of the vehicle if the man “does not return to a relationship with her.”

The man is now claiming the following:

Cl$7,000.00 for the purchase of the Honda Fit if his ex-girlfriend will not legally return the registration and documents for the vehicle to himCl$400.00 for the replacement of documentsCI$1000.00 for the repairs of damaged caused to vehicleInterest to continue until this matter is settledFixed costs of $175.00, alternatively costs to be assessed

Note to readers:  The foregoing is a description of allegations only. An allegation is an assertion made by a party in legal proceedings that is still to be proven. It is a matter for the Court to hear from all parties and reach a decision based on the facts.