The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Aisha Andrewin, observed that as of February 20, there has been good news regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking at the Government press briefing on Monday, February 28, Dr. Andrewin stated: “Globally, there is some positive news in that WHO has reported, in its data, a decrease of 21% in covid cases and a decrease of 8% in covid deaths world-wide.”

She also indicated that a similar decrease in new cases and new deaths has been observed in the Caribbean region, and in the region of our main tourism market – the US.

Dr. Andrewin noted that “although this is welcome news, a comprehensive analysis would indicate that there could be some under testing and under-reporting.”

She also noted that several countries are observing that their vaccination coverages have plateaued, and they are now faced with the realisation that vaccination coverage and efficacy wanes with time, especially in the at-risk and vulnerable groups.

“We have to keep an eye on the booster issue noting that, going forward, we have groups that will be 6 months past their second dose, particularly those that are in a high-risk group,” she said.

She continued: “We are really stressing the vaccination of our young age group (5-11 year-olds) as there is a limited time in which we have to give the first and second doses.

“WHO’s recommendation is that we have at least 70% of the population vaccinated in order to comfortably talk about vaccine efficacy and really relax restrictions.”

The Ministry of Health continues to encourage eligible persons to receive the vaccine in an effort to increase vaccination coverage island-wide, and remove most of the protocols for entry to Anguilla.

Covid Statistics for Anguilla as of February 28

Confirmed Cases: 2,555
Recovered: 2,528
Active: 18
Deaths: 9 (7 unvaccinated adults; 2 vaccinated adults with underlying risk factors; 6 males, 3 females)
Isolation Unit: 5 (3 vaccinated; 2 unvaccinated; all with underlying health conditions)

Vaccination Statistics for Anguilla as of February 28

Fully Vaccinated: 9,549 (62% adult population)
485 (35% ages 12-17)
171 (1st dose ages 5-11)