The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Dear Editor:

The proposed GST (Goods & Services Tax) is a prime example of Regressive Taxation. A Regressive Tax is a Tax that BENEFITS the WEALTHY, while imposing a much greater BURDEN on the WORKING PUBLIC!

This is particularly the case in this instance, as the GST is to REPLACE (among others) the Hotels & Villas Accommodation Tax. The Accommodation Tax is clearly paid directly from the pockets of those well off enough to pay several hundreds, thousands, and even TENS of THOUSANDS of Dollars PER NIGHT, to visit our lovely Anguilla!

Make no mistake about it – with the new GST, every single individual and family will pay more for Groceries, Gas, Clothing and our daily needs, while the Hotels & Villas will continue to charge whatever they will, WITHOUT PAYING their ACCOMMODATION TAX!
The suggestion that charging people MORE will result in LOWER costs is financial NONSENSE! 4%, 9%, 13%, 13% of 13% – is all economic bait & switch! I have a Law Degree and I can not understand these mathematical manipulations. Can anyone explain it clearly to me?

There are also the extra Government costs and bureaucratic nightmare of trying to implement & perform the necessary accounting for each business on the island. To check each cash register, credit card receipt, cash transaction and etc, is costly and time consuming for both Government, and also the businesses themselves.

Anguilla has always been for Anguillians first. Why is Government now proposing to go in a different direction, by taking hard earned income & wages from OUR pockets, and leaving it at the Hotels?

A Respectful Belonger