The content originally appeared on: The Anguillian Newspaper

Dear Editor:


Most people do not enjoy being bewildered on unfamiliar roads. But last week being lost was instructive.

My husband and I were in The Valley looking for a way to bypass the construction. We wanted to go to a restaurant near the airport. Somehow we ended up at Katouche Bay.

Although we have been visiting Anguilla for 25 Februaries, we had no idea how we’d gotten to these unfamiliar roads.

Then we saw two locals up ahead. We stopped and asked directions to the airport.

“Oh, just follow us. We will run along side the car until you get to the right turn.” I was amazed and embarrassed. Where we come from in the States, someone might point to a turn ahead or give verbal directions. No way would we run along side the car.

“Oh no,” I said. “I’d never ask you to do that. Just tell us how to get there.”
The young woman said running by the car was no problem but she gave us verbal directions. “Turn right at the ditch, “ she said.

We set off, having no idea where there was a ditch. Soon we ended up where we’d started – lost at Katouche Bay.

To our amazement, we saw the same young woman and young man running down the road after us. They’d seen we had no idea how to proceed correctly.
“I have another idea,” the woman said. “See that garbage truck? My cousin is the driver. I’ll tell him where you want to go. Just follow him. “

So we got behind Waste Away as he led us to known territory.

Who does this much helping? We were awed by the kindness of these strangers. In a time when there is so much hostility and meanness in the world, we were thankful for the spirit of Anguilla.

Evelyn and Bob Jackson
Wellfleet , Massachusetts