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Public Health has released COVID-19 figures for 11 April, revealing that 594 people, representing 0.8 per cent of the Cayman population currently has COVID-19.

Positive cases reported to Public Health during this period are currently as follows:

Friday April 8: 31 new cases

Saturday April 9: 21 new cases

Sunday April 10: 21 new cases

The 7-day rolling average for April 11 is 37.

Two patients are currently hospitalised for COVID related causes and of these, both are unvaccinated.

The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 stands at 27.

According to the New York Times, Cayman is currently the number two country in the region for COVID cases with 113 cases per 100,000, while Barbados is in the top spot for the Caribbean.

South Korea is the number one COVID hot spot globally, according to the report.

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