Ladyville bar owner shot dead by minor

The content originally appeared on: Amandala Newspaper

by Charles Gladden

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Aug. 8, 2022 Vanessa Acevedo, 35, the owner of “Cocktail Bar” on Perez Road in Ladyville, was shot dead by a 17-year-old robber in the pre-dawn hours of Saturday, August 6, while closing her establishment. The minor allegedly shot her point blank in the chest before escaping with

some of her belongings.At around 12:15 a.m. Saturday,

Acevedo was in the company of a 19-year-old security guard who was assisting her in closing her establishment, and while they were standing at the back of the property, a young man entered through a side gate, approached Acevedo, and demanded that she pass over her belongings—presumably her money and jewelry—to him.

Moments later, the robber pulled out a firearm and fired a single shot at point blank range at Acevedo, which seemingly killed her on the spot. The robber then quickly took whatever valuables Acevedo had in her possession and fled.

Over the weekend, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, informed members of the local media that a suspect was taken into custody by police in connection with the death of Vanessa Acevedo and is awaiting charges.

On Monday, during the weekly police press briefing, ASP Alfonso Aban, Officer Commanding the Crime Investigating Branch (CIB), told local reporters that a 17-year-old minor from the Stann Creek District was charged in the presence of his mother for murder. Acevedo’s belongings were later recovered in an area where her attacker fled.

ASP Aban further informed reporters that they are seeking a second assailant in connection with this crime.