Jamaican team ignite electric car revolution in the Caribbean | Loop Cayman Islands

The content originally appeared on: Cayman Compass

Mechanical engineer Xavier Gordon and seasoned finance professional Carey Escoffery have ignited the electric car revolution in the Caribbean with the launch of the first and only dedicated Electric Vehicle (EV) company in Jamaica, Flash Motors Company Ltd. (Flash Motors), supplying a full suite of best-in-class EVs, EV service equipment and charging network solutions across the Caribbean.

Gordon, 38, a former Ardenne High School student and Escoffery, 37 who grew up in Canada with his mother hailing from St. Elizabeth and father from St. Catherine, met in their college years in Toronto, through the National Society of Black Engineers. The pair are focused on renewable energy, storage e-technology, and electric transportation.

The duo has joined forces with founding investor and director Zachary Harding – Executive Chairman of Delta Capital Partners and former CEO of the Caribbean Climate-Smart Accelerator. Flash Motors will lean on Harding’s experience in the sustainable energy investment space, government relations, regional business development and strategy. The Flash Motors board is rounded out by John Farmer of Easy Car Sales in the Bahamas. Having operated a successful EV-only dealership since 2017, Farmer is a Caribbean electric vehicle pioneer and expert in electric transportation. His experience in EV sales is an asset to the team’s product and service offering.

Wigton Windfarm has now bolstered its foothold in the Caribbean renewable energy space, with their recent disclosure to the Jamaica stock exchange of their investment into Flash Motors for a 21 per cent ownership stake in the company.

According to Escoffery, the Flash Motors team has begun its work in Jamaica out of a deep connection with their Jamaican roots. “Xavier was born and grew up here, and my parents have always ensured that I was connected to my culture and family. I am Jamaican to the bone. So there was no hesitation for us to put boots to ground, or rather rubber to the road in our homeland.”

Flash Motors local launch has been perfectly timed, as the global auto industry is currently in transition and will be exclusively producing electric vehicles within the next 10-20 years. Most major brands have already announced EVs to be released by 2030, and Honda, BMW, Ford, Kia, Benz, and Audi have already begun to promote their EVs. Jamaica has recently announced a reduced EV duty, and in light of rising uncertainty around oil prices for the foreseeable future, similar concessions are being announced across the region. However, developing nations like Jamaica do not currently have the infrastructure to be ready for the wave of changes to come. In response, Flash Motors has already begun to initiate Electric Vehicle solutions in Caribbean territories, including the installations of charging stations across Jamaica.

Gordon, a mechanical engineer and EV expert, and Escoffery, an experienced corporate finance professional, began working together from as far back as 2010 and have been advising and providing EV solutions to governments, utilities, and private clients in Canada, Jamaica, and the rest of the Caribbean since 2016.

Model vehicles from the Flash MotorsTeam’s flagship EV brand have already arrived on the island and will soon be available pending their commercial launch. Per Gordon, the Flash Motors directors expressed excitement in their “mission to electrify the Caribbean and spearhead the charge for a cleaner, greener region led by the vision of Zero-emission vehicles.”