Jah Cure sentenced to six years in prison for attempted manslaughter | Loop Cayman Islands

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Jah Cure
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The Netherlands Public Prosecution Service confirmed to Loop today that Jah Cure, whose real name is Siccature Alcock, has now been sentenced to six years in prison – with credit for time served – for attempted manslaughter.

The verdict comes after a Netherlands court heard submissions of witness statements, viewed CCTV footage and reviewed voice messages allegedly sent by Jah Cure to the victim.

Jah Cure’s claim that his actions were in “self-defense” and he had picked up a knife before the meeting with the victim, not intending to stab the victim, but to protect himself as he was wearing an expensive watch, was rejected by the Netherlands court.

The next step is for Jah Cure’s lawyer to appeal to the Court of Appeal within two weeks if Jah Cure disagrees with the court’s ruling.

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