Iraq crisis: U.S. moves firepower to region as ISIS’ advance continues


updated 2:32 AM EDT, Tue June 17, 2014 Baghdad (CNN) — As the Islamic militants continue their murderous advance in Iraq, the Pentagon is moving more firepower and manpower into the region to prepare for whatever U.S. President Barack Obama orders. Already at the U.S. Embassy, dozens of Marines and Army troops have moved in to beef up security. The aircraft carrier George HW Bush and five others warships are now in the Persian Gulf. More than 500 Marines and dozens of helicopters are on standby. Obama to send 275 U.S. troops to Iraq Kurdish fighters hold back ISIS ISIS photos seem to show mass execution ISIS moves closer to Baghdad Iraqi Christian children gather inside the Church of the…

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More than 3 months on, MH370 relatives struggling

BEIJING (AP) — In the more than 100 days since her husband disappeared along with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Zhang Qian’s world has collapsed. She quit her job, sleeps rarely and prefers not to go out, except to the Buddhist temples where she has found some solace. “At the temple, […]