Iraq conflict: Sunni militant push on Baghdad ‘halted’


Iraqi government forces, backed by Shia Muslim and Kurdish militias, are reportedly holding back an advance by Sunni militants north of Baghdad. A number of towns have been retaken from the rebels, but they still control the key cities of Tikrit and Mosul. In one town that changed hands, Ishaq, security forces said they had found the incinerated bodies of 12 policemen. A US aircraft carrier has been deployed to the Gulf in response to the escalating violence. US Secretary of State John Kerry has warned that American assistance in tackling any Islamist offensive will only succeed if Iraqi leaders are willing to put aside their differences. Tony Blair: “Don’t believe washing our…

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Tony Blair: 'Iraq invasion didn't cause current crisis'

Tony Blair last night accused critics of the war in Iraq of trying to “wilfully” claim the current crisis in the country is a result of the original invasion. In a 3,000-word essay, Mr Blair rejected claims that he was to blame, saying that if the West had not rid […]