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International stakeholders, along with Cuban businesspeople, will participate in the 40th Cuba International Tourism Fair from May 3 to May 7 at Cuba’s Varadero resort.

The agenda will include presentations on popular cities of choice for tourists visiting Cuba, opportunities and alliances for the sustainable development of health tourism in Cuba, the digital transformation of marketing processes of tourist products and services and its impact on tour operations and a highlight of nature tourism in Cuba.

One of the interesting things that stands out in these presentations is Cuban focus, Cuban representation and Cuban culture- things that appear to be missing from destinations like Cayman, Cuba’s neighbour and competing destination. For example, in Cayman, foreign waiters and operators are often featured on the tourism frontlines and are the first to greet tourists. And while Cayman has great local food, it is often not pushed and, instead, restaurants offering international dishes from India, Italy and other places are promoted along Cayman’s famous Seven Mile Beach. It is as if a tourist is experiencing an interpretation of Cayman, but not Cayman itself. In contrast, Cuba offers a unique tourism product, focusing on Cuba, rather than someone’s rendition of Cuba, its culture and people.

For those who would like to follow the activities of the Cuba International Tourism Fair, they can find information and videos on

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