Honduras: Bus Driver Arrested For Raping Pregnant Woman On Route Loop Cayman Islands

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Pregnant Woman Was The Sole Passenger On The Bus. When She Boarded, The Bus Driver Changed The Normal Route, Threatened & Raped The Woman

Alric Lindsay

7 hrs ago

Honduras Police Seen Here With Suspect
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Yesterday, November 18, 2023, police in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, reported that they arrested a 33-year-old bus driver for the alleged rape of a pregnant woman, a passenger on his bus.

According to the report, the pregnant woman boarded the bus on the Anillo Periférico route.  She noted that she was the only passenger when she boarded the bus.

However, “during the course of the route, the suspect deviated towards the San Miguel neighborhood, supposedly to avoid traffic, where he parked the bus.”

He then sexually abused the pregnant woman, reportedly telling her that “if she resisted or screamed, he would hurt her and her baby.”

After a formal complaint was made to the police, they dispatched a team of investigators and arrested the bus driver.

Responding to the incident, Honduran authorities said they continue “to work hard so that these types of acts do not go unpunished and that the aggressors face the legal consequences of their actions.”

They added: “This arrest sends a clear message that these types of crimes will not be tolerated and those responsible will be brought to justice.”

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